Edward R Carr

I am an academic, policy advisor, higher education leader, and development implementer whose career represents a broad personal commitment to addressing global challenges for a world in the balance. Specifically, my research and policy career has been focused on the challenges that emerge at the intersection of climate change and various manifestations of inequality, whether at the global, national, or even household levels.

Solutions for the world's most pressing challenges, including climate change, inequality, and hunger, exist at the frontiers of our knowledge and institutions. Identifying and implementing these solutions requires taking risks and negotiating uncertainty, whether in the context of budgets, policy, or our fundamental understandings of how the world works. My work explores and navigates the surprises, discoveries, and opportunities that emerge in the context of risk and uncertainty. This experience spans research alongside agrarian communities in sub-Saharan Africa, providing a policy advice and guidance to development donors, or designing new and innovative academic units and initiatives aimed at producing the next generation of problem-solvers. Whether in academic conversations, debates about development and climate change adaptation policy, or discussions of innovation in institutions of higher education, I seek to drive and manage impactful and constructive change that gets ahead of the pace of our dynamic, challenging world.  

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“The vast majority of people working for development organizations are intelligent and good-hearted. They care deeply about the plight of the global poor and labor each day on projects and policies that might, finally, reverse the trends of inequality and unsustainability that mark life in much of the world . . . If these agencies and individuals are, by and large, trying their hardest to do good and have billions of dollars to work with, why are they failing?”

From Delivering Development: Globalization’s Shoreline and the Road to a Sustainable Future

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